My First Computer


When my father came home with an IBM PCjr in 1984 (I was 14 at the time) my life changed forever.  It was from that point that I knew what I loved to do and there was no turning back.  A couple of years later I bought myself a Commodore Vic20 with a tape drive.  That is where I started programming in Basic and discovered my passion for creating software applications.

Around this time our school had installed their first Novell network in our computer lab.  Since I was about the only one who knew how to run it, I found myself in the position of a system administrator.  It is funny, thinking back to that time, I cannot believe how difficult it was to get the faculty to accept the fact that this was the wave of the future.  I had much resistance to this “crazy” technology.

After high school, I took my other passion to the extreme.  As an internationally known magician / illusionist (yes you read that right) I traveled extensively entertaining audiences around the world.  Working for almost every major cruise line and having my strong knowledge and background in computers, I was always the one that would be summoned when there was a problem with the computers on the bridge, in the cruise directors office, gift shop cash registers, TV programmers,  security, the pursers desk, etc.  This is, of course, before the days of onboard I.T. departments.  My computer skills also went hand in hand with all the audio / visual that was involved in our show; from lighting boards, moving lights and programmed sequences with pyrotechnics.

During my twelve years abroad, I continued with my computer skills as I always carried a laptop with me.  When it came time to put my feet back on solid ground I had built up enough customers to begin a company called Magicgate Software.  This company kept me on my toes for the next decade.  Starting off as a web design company, it quickly excelled into a software and marketing development company.

In 2001 I started sub-contracting with The Broward Children’s Center.  As one of my original clients, I helped them move their 10-15 computer system, to what it is today with over 100 computers, over a dozen servers and a company wide network / intranet that maintains all 450 employees at 12 locations.  In late 2008 I was asked to come aboard on a permanent basis and handle all of their I.T. needs.  Given my past experience with the company and my belief in the purpose they serve, I could not turn down this opportunity.

Maintaining this entire system myself and constantly exploring new assistive technologies for the medically fragile children we serve, is no minor undertaking.  The purpose of this blog is to help others in the different areas that I am directly involved with.  This covers a large gamut of technologies including marketing and technology for Non-Profits, medical facilities and most important to me, assistive technologies.  However, in the larger scope of things, the information and knowledge I can share with my years of experience is good for just about any I.T. professional.

I encourage you to browse through this blog, make comments, submit your questions and use this resource as it was intended…. to provide a solid resource for all of us trying to make it work and make it through the day.

I will answer any questions that you have.  If I don’t have the answer, I will do my best to research it for you.  You can reach me through this site, Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In.

Enjoy!  I look forward to hearing from you!