Open source software in a corporate environment

By · March 7, 2013 · Filed in General IT Related

Recently, I was consulting for a company that was having some issues with their servers and seemed to be having a hard time staying ahead of the problem.  I immediately noticed that they were being reactive instead of proactive in their strategies.  Although they didn’t see this as an issue, I have always been a firm believer in being a “fire prevention specialist” instead of a “fire-fighter.”  After all, who wants to constantly be putting out fires?  It is stressful, unproductive and certainly unprofessional.

After further examination, I realized that one of the root causes of their system failure was a monitoring system they had in place which was open source.  A company that relies on critical systems and guaranteed up-time needs to have an effective, reliable system in place to do the job.  When it comes to cost, this is an area that one should not be cutting corners.  I think the 30,000 foot view of this situation exposed the fact that they were not doing proper risk management which would have helped to identify the root cause of the situation.

When I got home, I started thinking about open source software and all the good and bad things that are associated with this type of solution.  In my research to help me solidify my thoughts further, I ran across this article which I think you will enjoy and help YOU determine if open source solutions are right for YOUR business:

ARTICLE: Open Source vs. Proprietary Software






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