The Director Podcast, Episode 3

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The Director Podcast


Magicgate Software has been specializing in Adobe Director (previously Macromedia Director)for over 10 years now. Come listen to programming techniques, information about Xtras (Macromedia Director’s plugin library) and interviews with industry professionals. A must for any Director developer out there!

Director Podcast Episode Three, February 8th, 2006

This Week’s Shownotes:

  • Greetings
  • Who I am, Company Bio
  • Website location
  • Show Delay Reason
  • Made it past episode number 2…. Succeed / Fail margin
  • Over 600 listeners… national average is 10 new listeners per episode.
  • Regular Schedule of Wednesdays
  • Subscription does not cost!
  • We realize that podcasting is new to many people so we found a company that has created a PDF file with step by step instructions for new podcast listeners. Click on the link below or go to Choose one of the links below to download the PDF and in no time at all you’ll be enjoying podcasting.


  • MacIntel’s SAFE XTRAS List on our website
  • In order to shed some light on this subject and to help developers wishing to support this new platform, INM has written a new white paper on the subject.
  • Rosetta, Making the transition short term, Medium term and long term
  • Popular Xtras such as INM V12 Database, INM Impressario, ArcaDatabase and DirectEmail are compatible with Rosetta.

Good set of links.

Xtra of the week:

    Cxtras, – Three French Developers, tons of xtras, Not cross platform
  • Description of cXtraSoundRec
  • cXtraSounRec allows you to record a wav file from a sound capture device, convert the record or a wav file to a MP3 or OGG file, change the volume and more !
  • You can use a method to convert a .WAV file to a .MP3 file with the SaveRecordToMP3 method but you need to download the lame library They don’t include the library in our package due to his copyright. You can use a method to convert a .WAV file to a .OGG file with the SaveRecordToOGG method but you need to download the Vorbis library.

Features :
Record sound from microphone or other source
Load a Wav file
Save to Wav file
Save to MP3 file (using Lame dll)
Save to OGG file (using Vorbis dll)
Show the Windows Mixer
Show the Windows Record Mixer
Supported format : 8000, 11025, 22050, 44100 Hz; 8, 16 bits; mono, stereo
Change the volume for each channel in/out
Change the current position of the sound

50 Euros ($60 USD)

Director Sighting of the week: Zagreb Multimedia Postcard

  • Very well produced by company: Janus PIM from Zagreb Croatia
  • Virtual Tour, Panoramic Photos, Panoramic Video, Quiz, Games, Printable Postcard, Wallpapers, Multiple Languages, Interactive Map of City. They have devloped these for multiple cities.

Resource of the week:

Listener Feedback:

  • Email from Marty Plumbo
  • Beautiful Dorina… Craig Hickman
  • Email from Brian Berlin
  • Free tool on INM site… go to impresario and FREE TOOLS
    Indexes the full text of your PDF documents, as well as document meta-data (Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, Creation Date and Modification Date) in a V12 database.

    • Includes a sample Search screen, user guide and behaviors to help you quickly implement a PDF document search engine in your own project using Impressario to display the documents.
    • Link:

Closing Remarks

Don’t forget our other podcast, The Kiosk Podcast

What to expect next: We have had time to plan the next three months of episodes, but are still lining up interviews and getting commitments from people so don’t know exactly who we will have on next Wednesday, but we will get somebody on the line for you.

So next week join us for another episode of the Director Podcast talking about the software we all love to use.

Podsafe music artist: Taking us out of the show, All These Sounds by Jody Shelton



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