The Director Podcast, Episode 4

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The Director Podcast


Magicgate Software has been specializing in Adobe Director (previously Macromedia Director)for over 10 years now. Come listen to programming techniques, information about Xtras (Macromedia Director’s plugin library) and interviews with industry professionals. A must for any Director developer out there!

Director Podcast Episode Four, February 15th, 2006

This Week’s Shownotes:

  • One quick user feedback: Enhanced podcast, need to subscribe in Itunes to the RSS feed, just use the link on our podcast page or search the Itunes Podcast directory.
  • Thank you listeners and community for great response, approaching 1000 listeners
  • Director Wednesdays
  • Next release suggestions… we are reaching the ears of the developers at Adobe, My suggestion, 1 level undo


  • Self-Service and kiosk show in Orlando
  • Promised interview but was at the show so no interview this week. You can find some interviews in our Kiosk podcast
  • Mac-Intel Safe List… few xtras posted there
  • Lists, Cole Tierney posted a link to a script that will determine if your projector is running on an Intel Mac. He posted a short HowTo using Valentin’s shell xtra. It is located on the Director-Online website in one of the Wiki’s. I will post the link right now. WEB LINK
  • Short week of news… feel that there will be some big Director news in the coming weeks and months from both Adobe and Xtra developers so make sure you stay tuned for the latest information

Xtra of the Week:

  • Mui-Gui

    • MUI stands for Macromedia User Interface
    • GUI stands for Graphical User Interface
    • The »Mui Dialog Xtra« is included in the delivery package of director. It enables users to construct their own system dialog boxes. It can be used to program simple alert windows or extensive dialog boxes, simple yes/no options, and selection dialogs with checkboxes, radio buttons and sliders.
    • To program dialog boxes it is necessary to have a good knowledge of Lingo- and Mui-Xtra, and it takes some time.
    • You can use MUI-GUI to design, test and save dialog boxes and to integrate them into your director movie.
    • MUI-GUI is a wysiwyg-editor. It can easily be used to design dialog boxes with »drag-and-drop procedures« – which is as simple as employing regular layout applications. You simply take over the code you have created, into your movie, either as script-member or as text.
    • Cross Platform
    • 35 Euros or about $38-$40

Sighting of the Week:

  • Regal Cinemas LidRocks….
  • Quality on this was a little bit poor
  • Somebody decided to use Director but not quite sure they knew what they were doing
  • Video quality was good, however, cd load time was slow and the concentration was basically on using Director as a video file wrapper, rather than creating a really good and unique interactive experience.
  • Found one from a while ago, have not seen one recently… if you were one of the programmers, I apologize, please send me a new version so I can see it if it has been approved

Resource of the week:

  • Developers Dispatch \
  • We all know the name,Gary Rosenzweig.
  • Blog that is updated quite often, Raw RSS
  • Director Forum, Flash Forum (I promise not to say that word again)
  • Good set of links

Listener Feedback:

  • Jay Barry from California wrote “Looking for the INM Impressario logo to use with project and can not find it. Can you tell me where to look on the internet?
  • Hardin Gray from Rhode Island
  • Tom Cotton from Australia
  • Luke Wigley from Australia

Closing Remarks, request feedback

Don’t forget our other podcast, The Kiosk Podcast to find out more about the Self Service and Kiosk show and we will also be posting a bonus episode this weekend with more interviews about the convention.

What to expect next: Contest information… Tune in again next week to the Director Podcast where we talk about the software we all love to use.

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