The Director Podcast, Episode 5

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The Director Podcast


Magicgate Software has been specializing in Adobe Director (previously Macromedia Director)for over 10 years now. Come listen to programming techniques, information about Xtras (Macromedia Director’s plugin library) and interviews with industry professionals. A must for any Director developer out there!

Director Podcast Episode Five, February 22nd, 2006

This Week’s Shownotes:


  • Gone over 1000 listeners and still a steady growth. Sooner or later it will peak out because of the limited community but we consider 1000 people to be a huge success. We also want to thank all the Xtra developers and legends out there for their support and encouragement. This way we know we are on the right track!


  • Contest: Most Unique application written with Director
      • Best score will win and be highlighted here on the Director Podcast
      • Prize: Word Wrangler or FireFly Lite Xtra compliments of
      • Criteria: 1-10, Uniqueness, Reliability – crashes, Speed, Cosmetic / Gui Interface – Not Related, Usability, ease of use, confusion factor, easy to navigate, makes sense to end user.
      • Does not matter platform.
      • Contest starts immediately and all entries must be received by March 31st. Month long contest, No web links excepted, please send a CD or DVD to:
  • Next Month, Flash 8 Asset Xtra & Bug fix of the QuickTime Asset Xtra. This means that they are working on Director and enhancing it! Free update of the player and the Director authoring environment
  • Tom Higgins announced: Shockwave update release
  • New MX Developers’ Journal, volume 4, issue 1, Director Article by Mal Duffin called: Creating a Shockwave 3D Game Level in 30 Minutes— Export Shockwave 3D content using any of the major 3D applications” Good for the gaming environment.
  • Attending PMA show in Orlando: Photo Marketing Association International. Kiosk manufactures, Kodak picture kiosk made with Director.
  • Several new product developments out there, several companies have told us they are release new products and enhancements to our products and we would be the first to know so stay tuned to the Director Podcast

Xtra of the Week:

  • Word Wrangler
  • The WordWrangler Xtra is a lightning-fast spell checking and text replacement tool. WordWrangler offers over sixty functions for spell checking, search and replace, and text manipulation.
  • Add life to Macromedia Director movies with WordWrangler Xtra. With WordWrangler, spell checking features provide a foundation for building word games and productivity software. In addition, text functions are included for searching, replacing, and encoding text.
  • All WordWrangler functions are written in C++ and optimized for speed and small memory footprints. Likewise, robust error handling traps errors and displays messages straight to the console window for ease-of-use and fast debugging.
  • WordWrangler is Shockwave safe and packaged using Verisign’s digital certificate.
  • Cross Platform, $199.00

Sighting of the Week:

  • Erik Sardinas, Black Pearls… CD Xtra
    • Rock Blues artist, opened for Steve Vai
    • Did not like the PC version, Mac version OSX version gets error message, OS9 version just launches a screen with a menu click to get exlusive internet content. Why was people’s time? So many more cool things could have been done with this. Cirque CD and Ozzy CD that had some really nice and creative stuff.

Resource of the week:

    Makers of vList xtra and they also house the Mile High Table O’Products along with an archive containing practicl tech notes. Also have the Quirk List which alerts develoeprs to potential pitfalls and the workarounds.

Listener Feedback:

  • Jeff Harding from Wyoming says: ” Great show, I really enjoy listening to this podcast on my way to work every day. Keep up the great work and we look forward to you weekly podcasts.”
  • Cindy from Florida asks: “How can I produce a unique ‘machine id code’ for a computer that is running a Director Project: BuddyAPI, function is:
    • set Info= baDiskInfo( “Mac HD:” , “number” )
    • set Info= baDiskInfo( “k” , “number”)
  • Cathy from England asks: ” We are having a problem using BuddyAPI on our Mac project. It runs fine on Windows but when we compile it and run it with a Mac projector, we get an error message. Any ideas? >Check to make sure you have the Mac version of the BuddyAPI xtra as well as the PC version. Also, make sure the function you are calling is compatible with the Mac OS.
  • CJ from Australia says: “This is such a cool way to find out about Director. Thank you for a resource that is so cutting edge and a way for developers, programmers and the entire Director community to come together. Don’t stop making these weekly shows!”

Closing Remarks, request feedback

Don’t forget our other podcast, The Kiosk Podcast to find out more about the Self Service and Kiosk show and we attended last week as well as information about the PMA show we are headed to next week. Might be a day or two late next week as we will be out of the office on Monday & Tuesday, don’t know if we can get an episode up in time for “Podcast Wednesday” Thank Listeners!

What to expect next: Contest reminder… Tune in again next week to the Director Podcast where we talk about the software we all love to use.

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