The Director Podcast, Episode 6

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The Director Podcast


Magicgate Software has been specializing in Adobe Director (previously Macromedia Director)for over 10 years now. Come listen to programming techniques, information about Xtras (Macromedia Director’s plugin library) and interviews with industry professionals. A must for any Director developer out there!

Director Podcast Episode Six, March 2nd, 2006

This Week’s Shownotes:

  • Angering of the “Director Gods”
  • Greetings
  • Who I am
  • Podcast Wednesday… Podcast Thursday
  • Website location
  • Tom Higgins Interview Next Week



  • Most Unique application written with Director
  • Best score will win and be highlighted here on the Director Podcast
  • Prize: Word Wrangler or FireFly Lite Xtra compliments of
  • Criteria: 1-10, Uniqueness,Reliability – crashes, Speed,Cosmetic / Gui Interface – Not Related,Usability, ease of use, confusion factor, easy to navigate, makes sense to end user.
  • Does not matter platform.

Xtra of the Week:

  • Buddy API

    • Currently 3.7
    • It contains over 140 functions for dealing with the Windows API and Macintosh Toolbox. Among other things, it allows you to:
      • get version information (OS, Windows, NT, QuickTime, etc)
      • read and write registry and ini files
      • get the type and speed of the processor
      • detect previous instances of your application
      • open, print, copy, delete files
      • control screensavers
      • disable task switching
      • install fonts
      • control other applications
    • baMouseClick – simulates a mouse click
    • baDirectX – returns the version of DirectX installed
    • Excellent Forum

Educational institutions and students may use a special educational verison without charge. If you believe you are entitled to this usage, please contact Gary Smith for a registration number.

The Unregistered Version of the Xtra allows you to use any 2 functions in any projector or packaged application. This version is the one available from the download page and does not need a registration number.

The Limited Edition costs US $90 or $AUD 125, plus 10% GST for Australian residents. In this version, the Xtra allows you to call any seven functions in any projector or packaged application. Each function can be called multiple times. Support is provided by e-mail.

The Full Version costs US $180 or $AUD 250. This contains a fully unlocked version of the Xtra. Support is provided by e-mail. An upgrade to the full version from the limited version costs US $90 or $AUD 125, plus 10% GST for Australian residents.
These prices include both the Windows and Macintosh versions.

Sighting of the Week:

  • Ozzy CD 1996: The Ozzman Cometh… it is on the Bonus Disk
  • Zeus Productions “Juiced with Zeus”
  • Version 5.01

Resource of the week:

  • 2600 The Hacker Quarterly
    • Winter 2005-2006 Edition

Editors and Writers such as: ShapeShifter, Tampruf, Bland Inquisitor, Dragorn, Mr. French, Joe630 and Lucky225.  Highlighting it in both podcasts, due to recent kiosk articles. If you are developing for commercial applications or kiosks, this is a very useful magazine to find out more about potential security issues out there.

Listener Feedback:

Melissa asks: “I want to change the Icon and copyright information on my compiled Director projector. Can I do this legally or does this violate MM’s End User License Agreement?” — Answered next week by Tom Higgins

Hardin Grey from Rhode Island says: “You mentioned that one of the things you’d like to hear from users is things that we’d like to see in Director. Director has never really had the text handling that it should. We’ve wanted to be able to have embedded images, etc. in text for years. The obvious solution would be to embed the OS’s native browser (Safari or IE) as a sprite. I know there are several Xtra manufacturers that have products like this, but most are Windows only and are limited. There’s actually a company in Japan that makes an Xtra that does this very well ( and I’ve been very impressed with their responsiveness to bugs and changes. However, the one drawback to their implementation is that the sprite is always DirectoToStage, so you can’t layer it into an interface. If adobe were to build an Xtra, they might be able to do what they’ve done with QuickTime and Flash and allow Director to toggle DTS on or Off. I’ll send more as I think of things…. I am thoroughly enjoying the show.”

Jim from North Carolina writes: “Skip, this show kicks ***!!! I have never listened to a Podcast before and never knew how cool this **** was!!! I can’t believe that somebody didn’t think of this **** before. Thanks for creating this show and thanks for taking the time to educate all of us dumb ***’s.” Jim, Next time, leave a voice comment… less work for me! :)

Hans from Germany asks: “I have problems to find the Director Podcast mp3 file. I use Win2k and FireFox 1.0.2. When I click on the ‘list additional episode’ the file wasn’t found. Several weeks ago I was listening to the first episode with no problems. What am I doing wrong? Can you help me?”

Closing Remarks

Don’t forget our other podcast, The Kiosk Podcast to find out more about the PMA show that we attended a few days ago. Thank Listeners!

What to expect next: Contest reminder… INTERVIEW WITH TOM HIGGINS. Tune in again next week to the Director Podcast where we talk about the software we all love to use.

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