The Director Podcast, Episode 8

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The Director Podcast


Magicgate Software has been specializing in Adobe Director (previously Macromedia Director)for over 10 years now. Come listen to programming techniques, information about Xtras (Macromedia Director’s plugin library) and interviews with industry professionals. A must for any Director developer out there!

Director Podcast Episode Eight, March 15th, 2006

This Week’s Shownotes:

  • Greetings
  • Who I am
  • Website location
  • Lots to cover: Gretchen Macdowall interview… email interview, Ebay Advertising, tons of feedback this week. Episode number 10: Impresario episode. Episode #11 Interview with Gary Rosenzweig… that interview alone is almost 1 hour.
  • Last’s weeks show was a huge success breaking our “single day” download record along with record amount of bandwidth! Which is why we will discuss the Ebay advertising in a minute



  • Most Unique application written with Director
  • Best score will win and be highlighted here on the Director Podcast
  • Prize: Word Wrangler or FireFly Lite Xtra compliments of
  • Criteria: 1-10, Uniqueness, Reliability – crashes, Speed, Cosmetic / Gui Interface – Not Related,Usability, ease of use, confusion factor, easy to navigate, makes sense to end user.
  • Does not matter platform.

New Entries: Walter Last sent in “Children’s Book” and Graham Cilito sent in a 3d mesh controller application. NEED MORE ENTRIES, you have until the end of the month! Quite a bit of 3D stuff coming in, maybe it justifies a monthly contest for best 3D application or content? Very strong interest in the 3D aspect of Director out there.

Director Resource Software… need programmers that want to take on this community project. Need XML experts that can parse RSS feeds. We have the basics finished but this will be a great community project. In addition, anybody who helps on the project will be mentioned in the credits of the software. The software will be made available to anybody who wants to download it for free. Shoot me an email to discuss your qualifications and how you can fit into this project.

Listener Feedback:

Sunil from India – Skyped message, magicgatesoftware to skype your written or voice comments to us.

Hans from Germany

Rob Barrett

Paul from Winterpark Florida

Toulouse2k from MMNG followed by two other users there

Mark from Lombad, IL

Moshe from Jerusaleem Israel

Marc Sylvester from The Logo Creator (Laughing Bird Software)
Questions for Marc? Send us an email for upcoming interview with him

Need to bribe you with voice comments. Call our voice comment hotline or Skype your voice comment to us and we will randomly draw one of the comments and the winner will receive a copy of Gary Rosenzweig’s book Advanced Lingo For Games. Recently out of print and full of great Lingo game logic that we use all the time!

Xtra of the Week:

Sighting of the Week:

  • Cirque Du Soleil : Quidam
    • October, 1996

Resource of the week:



Closing Remarks

Don’t forget our other podcast, The Kiosk Podcast with guest speaker Brian from Nanonation Thank You Listeners!

What to expect next: Contest reminder…. Also send us your questions for our upcoming guests on the show: Peter from PrintoMatic and Marc Sylvester from Laughing Bird Software. Tune in again next week to the Director Podcast where we talk about the software we all love to use.

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