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By · December 15, 2009 · Filed in General IT Related

SKiphoneI have done quite a bit of work over the past few weeks to convert my website and create an iPhone version of it. So if you have an iPhone, make sure you visit in your phone’s browser. I am also looking at creating a stand-alone app with some enhanced features.

Currently, you can view the most recent posts in addition to searching the entire blog archive, sending me a message, posting a reply to comments and viewing the About page.  In addition, you can sort my blog entries by date, tags and categories.  If there is video in the post, it will allow you to view it directly from your phone’s browser!

Down the road I do plan on creating an additional stand-alone app that will facilitate my new book, “Social Networking for Non Profits” including the ability to read the book, listen to audio comments and view video additions.

Take it for a spin and let me know what YOU would like to see and how I can make it easier to serve the type of information that you need and the best format for it.  I am also curious to see if there are others out there that would like to see additional mobile formats including Blackberry and other smart phones.


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